2017 Convening Leaders

Living With Eyes Wide Open

Closing Speaker Isaac Lidsky Offers Final Notes of Inspiration   Closing Main Stage speaker Isaac Lidsky wrapped up Convening Leaders 2017 yesterday with a message of encouragement and motivation. Known to have one of the “most eclectic resumes in business,” Lidsky has been a child television star and Supreme Court clerk, graduated early with honors […]

Achieving the Extraordinary

Scott Belsky Solves the Riddle of ‘Making Ideas Happen’   Author, investor, and entrepreneur Scott Belsky has a lifelong mission that he shares with the online portfolio platform Behance, which he founded in 2006: “To empower the creative world to make ideas happen.” To realize this, he had to unpack one specific question: “How do […]

A Real-Life ‘What Would You Do?’

Session Focuses on Crisis Management in the Business-Events Arena   Business-event professionals are used to thinking on their feet, preparing for disasters, large and small. Yesterday morning’s session “The Crisis Experience: How Ready Are You?,” presented by Bob Mellinger, founder and president of Attainium Corporation, tackled the challenge of dealing with the biggest emergencies — […]

Overheard at Global Open Mic

Attendees Share Lessons Learned From Planning Abroad   Yesterday began with a global edition of “Open Mic: What You Wish You Knew Sooner.” Jonas Wilstrup, conventions director for the Copenhagen Convention Bureau and board chair of the BestCities Global Alliance, moderated the discussion, which was held in the Global Lab. Preparing for and hosting meetings […]

Question of the Day – Thursday

What was your favorite part about PCMA Convening Leaders 2017? “My favorite part is getting together with everyone in the industry. At the beginning of the year, I feel like everybody is ready for a fresh start, with an open mind and new ideas. It’s a great opportunity to see everyone and form new strategies […]

Operation Save the Planet

Jeremy Rifkin Explains Why the Weight of the World Is in Our Hands   Author, international economist, and futurist Jeremy Rifkin didn’t waste any time getting down to business in “The Third Industrial Revolution — Powering a Greener, More Just Global Economy,” his Main Stage presentation yesterday afternoon. The president of TIR Consulting Group LLC […]

Question of the Day – Wednesday

What did you find most interesting in this year’s Learning Labs?   “In ‘Doing Business With China,’ the presenter was obviously very knowledgeable about China. Having a partner on the ground was the thing I took away the most — having a counterpart there to ask questions is so important.”       “I really […]