How To Persuade Your Boss

Join us for 2024 PCMA Convening Leaders!

You know why you should be at the Jan. 7-10, 2024, Convening Leaders event. Now it’s time to convince your supervisor to provide professional and financial support. PCMA can help. Here are suggestions on how to get your request approved.

Details: Review the Convening Leaders schedule and outline for your supervisor the sessions that would be beneficial to your professional growth and to the organization. Create a list of short- and long-term goals and find the sessions that would help you achieve them. Review the list of those who have registered and explain the kinds of connections and relationships you will be making at the event and how they will benefit your organization.

Reasons to go: Bolster your request by explaining the top reasons you should attend 2024 PCMA Convening Leaders.

  • Networking. Relationships, especially ones centered on face-to-face opportunities, are imperative in the meetings and events industry. Convening Leaders consistently brings top thought leaders and key influencers that you can connect with in person to gain insight and collaborate.
  • Education. Attending Convening Leaders will allow you to learn more about the industry and the latest innovations. You can take the knowledge you gain and invest it back in your career and the company.
  • Representation. You can represent your organization and return with a contact list of individuals and vendors you meet and an outline or report of every session you attend. You will provide department presentations to share what you’ve learned.

Still need help? Check our email template explaining the benefits above.

See You in San Diego!

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