Liz Latham

CEO of Haute Dokimazo

Liz Latham, CEO of Haute Dokimazo

Liz believes there’s nothing more valuable in an ever-more-disconnected world than engaging people face-to-face for collaboration, ideation, and experimentation to make us better professionals – and that’s okay if face-to-face has to mean on screen for now! Liz has led events and teams for National Instruments, Dell, GasPedal, IBM, and several nonprofit associations. Liz was nominated for the 2018 Event Marketer B-to-B Dream Team and was awarded the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year from Smart Meetings. Liz is now living the dream with her unjob as not only CEO of Haute Dokimazo but also partner and Chief Experience Officer of Haute Companies, which includes Haute Dokimazo, Haute Rock Creative, Haute Spot, Haute Rock Entertainment, and SwagHub.

SESSION TITLE: Crafting Authentic Experiences with Emotional and Audience Intelligence

WHEN: Wednesday, January 13, 2021
OTHER SPEAKER: Nicole Osibodu, President, Haute Dokimazo

2020 has been the year to keep it real and that will continue into 2021 and beyond. Brands that recognize the importance of communicating our emotional, physical and mental truths are creating meaningful moments we can connect with. Haute Dokimazo’s Liz Latham & Nicole Osibodu, will break down authenticity basics and outline the mindset and steps needed for your brand to be that beacon of trust, truth and transparency for your audience.


  • Define the five C’s of authentic engagement.
  • Adopt the necessary mindset and core competencies to connect with your audience at a deeper level.
  • Gather, analyze and act on audience insights with emotional and audience intelligence strategies.

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