Guidelines to Host Events during PCMA Meetings & Events


To establish a clear set of guidelines for any supplier/advertiser wishing to host events during PCMA/PCMA Foundation events and meetings. The guidelines are meant to make it easier for a supplier to host an event and at the same time avoid conflicting with PCMA’s official schedule during an event or meeting.


  • PCMA has scheduled open times for supplier events during PCMA meetings and events.
  • During official PCMA meetings or events, no organization is allowed to schedule functions (including transportation to/from) that conflicts or overlaps with PCMA’s official and published meeting and event times. A list of all official events during a meeting, event or conference can be obtained from PCMA’s Events department.
  • Organizers of all non-official events that are held around a PCMA meeting or event are required to inform PCMA’s Events staff in writing of the intended time of event at least 30 days prior to the event and prior to booking. If these scheduled times do not fall into PCMA guidelines, PCMA Events staff will notify the organizer to change their times/dates accordingly.
  • If a supplier requires event/meeting space within PCMA’s hotel block and/or convention space, suppliers are required to complete a Function Space Request Form and submit to PCMA Events staff for approval. Requests may not be made directly to the center or any hotel in the PCMA block. The approved guidelines will be included on space/event request forms.
  • Host cities and Host hotels/venues are required to notify PCMA’s Events Team of any inquiries/expressed interest from suppliers to host any events/meetings during PCMA’s events/meetings. This will be included as a standard part of PCMA’s RFPs.
  • If a supplier is interested in securing space for an event/function at any other host city venue, they may contact the venue/host city directly, but must first receive approval from PCMA Events staff on the date and time of the proposed supplier event.
  • Suppliers that are not PCMA partners or host city partners are not allowed to bring mascots in or around PCMA meeting or event space or utilize PCMA events for their benefit. This includes roaming vehicles etc, unless they are specifically a part of the PCMA Partnership program.
  • Only PCMA partners, host city and host hotels are allowed to room drop materials at PCMA events/meetings
  • Only strategic partners and host city are allowed to include material in PCMA’s registration bags if available.
  • Any supplier/partner that does not comply with official PCMA policy will be given an official written warning and if they are still not in compliance, they will not be allowed to attend the meeting in the future and their membership will be revoked.