Alex Culley

Executive Director, Institute for Executive Development

Alex Culley headshot

Alex Culley is the Executive Director of the Institute for Executive Development, a consulting firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, and Executive Coaching. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced events online, Alex led the major transformation of core programs and services into interactive virtual experiences. Working with multi-generational clients across sectors and industries, Alex was recognized for developing innovative, human-centered events, empowering people with varying levels of digital skill to engage and benefit from computer-based training.

Jim Kouzes, one of the most authoritative voices on leadership, describes Alex as “thoughtful and diligent, combining creative problem-solving, rapid-response agility, and adept use of technology to enhance leadership development experiences.” Alex earned a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Southern California. He worked as a Consumer Insights researcher before becoming a certified Executive Coach and transitioning to Leadership and Organizational Development. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife Katie and their Pomeranian, Butters.