Tim Simpson

Brand & Engagement Chief Strategist, Design Studio by Maritz Global Events

Tim Simpson is a global creative marketer with roots in a variety of industries and practices, bringing something unique to any organization looking to build an iconic brand and foster smart, original programs and initiatives. After nine years of developing multiple brands owned by a global Fortune 150, Tim branched out in July 2016 to start his own practice, TS Creative Consulting. In mid-2018, he joined forces with the Design Studio by Maritz Global Events to drive growth and deliver direct client strategy consulting—while continuing his advisory and mentorship work for start-ups and small/mid-sized businesses.

In 2020, Tim supported over 200 different organizations in their transition to digital experiences. In 2021, he has been on the forefront of helping Maritz clients make the transition back to in-person. Tim’s work has been recognized by Smart Meetings, Transform Magazine, The Journal of Commerce, TMSA and other publications. He is a versatile and dynamic leader specializing in marketing and experience strategy; brand development and redesign; and creative disruption and transformations.