Catharina van Delden

Co-Founder and CEO, innosabi GmbH

Catharina van Delden, Co-Founder and CEO, innosabi GmbH

Catharina van Delden is Co-Founder and CEO of innosabi GmbH. innosabi is one of the leading providers of innovation management software and based in Munich. Catharina van Delden studied business and food production and also holds an MBA from TU Munich and UC Berkeley. She is author of the books “Connect the Dots – Agile Innovation and Collaborative Ecosystems” and “Crowdsourced Innovation — Revolutionizing Open Innovation with Crowdsourcing.” Catharina has been on Bitkom’s steering committee since 2013, in 2014 she was honored as a “thought leader of the digital age” by the Gesellschaft für Informatik as part of its “digitale Köpfe” initiative, and since 2017 she has been on the South Advisory Board for Deutsche Bank AG.

SESSION TITLE: Fostering a Culture of Agile Innovation

WHEN: Thursday, January 14, 2021

Agile Innovation is not only a means of increasing the innovative output of a company, rather, it promises to transform entire corporations and the way they interact with their environment. To make full use of this new approach and to successfully tap into the many possibilities an innovation ecosystem can offer, you’ll learn which requirements have to be met right from the start of an initiative.


  • Recognize how corporate culture strongly determines a stakeholder’s ability to play an active part in innovation activities.
  • Identify which factors are vital for framing a new culture and how they help to gain more overall speed and agility.
  • Understand what has to be done to unite and orchestrate all stakeholders in an ecosystem that helps to pursue great innovations.

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