The program will address the following topics within 3 core themes and more. A full schedule for each region with session information will be available starting mid-October.

Closed caption and/or interpretation will be available during the broadcast.


Events will become multichannel engagement platforms with potential to extend event reach and data insights.

Designing Multichannel Event Experiences that Audiences Want

  • Understand the importance of audience and purpose outcomes leading planning before defining the channel and event design
  • Based on timely event participant insights, you’ll takeaway the most desired changes they seek from live and digital events
  • Design an ongoing journey between physical, digital and online learning experiences to deliver lasting value for participants

Lessons Learned from Executing Health and Safety Protocols

  • Gain insight from global live event organizers that have executed and received participant feedback on COVID-19 protocols
  • Hear various supplier perspectives on the important role they are playing in communicating local regulations to their customers
  • Leverage best practices to help your participants feel confident to attend in person events

What Event Producers Can Learn from Broadcasting Pros

  • Elevate the quality of your broadcast with the essential studio set up
  • Learn key broadcasting essentials from media-savvy pros
  • Expand from a traditional 1-way broadcast to multichannel delivery for your audiences

Unique Ways to Showcase Your Sponsor’s Brand

  • Explore new ways to activate your sponsors and exhibitors in multiple channels
  • Find new ways to bring magic from physical experiences into a digital trade show

Designing Inclusive Digital Event Experiences

  • Tips to include diverse, inclusive and equitable practices in the pre, during and post aspects of your event
  • Recognize the difference between creating an inclusive sense of belonging for digital compared to in-person events
  • Gather feedback throughout the event lifecycle to continuously improve how you engage with everyone in your audience

Navigating the Digital Event Marketing Frontier

  • Explore how event marketing is shifting from promoting engagement to delivering it in meaningful ways
  • Discover creative event design approaches to gather richer participant data that supports event marketing
  • Expand your marketing mix by blending product and service marketing with multichannel audience engagement

Visual Storytelling Trends Shaping the Future of Live Communication

  • Learn which digital storytelling trends will allow brands to communicate more vividly with audiences than ever
  • What event designers can learn from gaming designers, filmmakers and media companies
  • Explore ways to use immersive technology to help audiences live the story

Rethinking Content Design for Multichannel Delivery

  • Adopt an audience-centric event design approach based on your data insights
  • Incorporate the latest behavioral science about shortened attention spans for multiple channels
  • Tips on how to work with your speakers to create concise, meaningful content to maximize learning


Association and corporation business models for events and their supply chains will need to be reimagined.

Creating Customer-Centric, Profitable Event Models

  • You’ll hear different examples of event models that shifted to digital throughout the pandemic
  • Discuss how audience growth drives your strategy which impacts pricing and monetizing your events
  • As multichannel events become the norm, how does that continue to impact how you serve your audiences and drive revenue

The State of the Business Events Industry

  • We’ll address the current phase of industry recovery in each region highlighting key lessons from markets who have relaunched events first
  • Recognize how business models have been shifted amongst key players in the events value chain
  • Identify the new players and opportunities to form new partnerships to increase your value proposition

The Impact of Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) on Digital Exhibits and Sponsorships

  • Recognize the tax complications when going from F2F events to digital
  • Understand what qualifies as unrelated business income tax (UBIT)
  • Get creative by designing experiences for exhibitors and sponsors to bring in tax exempt revenue

Benefit from Building Partnerships with Shared Risk and Reward

  • Shift your mindset from being the survival-minded adversary to taking a collaborative solutions-focused approach
  • Hear examples of how parties from both sides of the negotiating table build agreements with shared risk and reward

Redefining the DMO Value Proposition

  • Hear examples of how DMOs are supporting their local community and partners through the pandemic and social unrest
  • Address opportunities to differentiate their value proposition for their customers
  • Identify new services and programs that can be provided by partnering with local authorities to bring business back to the destination

How Venues Are Reimagining their Business Models

  • Learn how some have transformed unused space into broadcast ready studios to support new event models
  • Establish safe people movement by partnering with local authorities and event professionals as required
  • Aligning messaging with local event partners on health and safety protocols to reestablish consumer confidence

Broad Versus Specific? A Discussion on Force Majeure

  • Distinguish between force majeure clauses based on agreement type
  • Recognize the coverage your event will need
  • Gain strategies to strike the right balance for both parties

Addressing Attrition, Minimums and Concessions Based on Room Block

  • Discuss how hybrid events will impact hotel agreements
  • Identify your new key talking points to begin negotiations
  • Receive insight into new labor costs to anticipate for new types of service delivery


New event types, channels, and business models will require new skillsets for business event professionals and their business partners.

How Business Events Industry Roles Are Evolving

  • Pulled from the latest PCMA research, we’ll discuss the new roles and skillsets that business events may require in the not-so-distant future
  • Recognize which roles will be in high demand and others that are being phased out due to the pandemic
  • Identify new ways of thinking and 3 key areas you and your teams will have to develop and continue to strengthen

Adjust Your Sales Approach to Serve Customers and Win Bids

  • Learn why using the same pre-COVID sales tactics to win bids doesn’t align with current business reality
  • What mindset and skillset shifts are necessary to sell your products and services as your customer’s business models continue to change
  • Become more of a consultative partner rather than a sales rep to strengthen relationships

Smart Practices to Lead More Effective Remote Teams

  • Learn techniques to keep communication, collaboration and innovation at peak strength regardless of what tool you use
  • Understand how to effectively manage your team’s work to keep projects on target
  • Tips on keeping productivity and collaboration high when working across international time zones

Create Ongoing Value with An Agile Approach to Product Development

  • Walk through all the steps in the product development lifecycle from concept to build to market launch and beyond
  • Develop products and services for your customers instead of developing customers for your products and services.
  • Learn strategies to create solutions and value for both your customers and your business

AI Fundamentals and Why You Need it to Stay Competitive

  • Gain a basic understanding of artificial intelligence
  • Recognize business use cases like automating work, creating individualized marketing touch points and providing better customer service
  • Identify a working vocabulary around AI and its benefits to better communicate with your technology teams and providers

Prepare Your Team for Aspiring Careers by Developing their Talent

  • Recognize the necessary thought process, skill sets and capabilities you need on your team to thrive in the Next Normal
  • Receive tips on how to conduct a skills audit to understand if reskilling (updating) or upskilling (new skill building) is required
  • Identify types of training programs that will help your team improve their productivity and prepare for the jobs of the future

Managing Event Risks That Keep You Up at Night

  • Understand your accountability for protecting your participants from the COVID-19 virus
  • Identify all types of digital risks from cybersecurity to bandwidth capacity
  • Reevaluate your insurance policy to stay protected
  • It’s everything you need in three days to build your career.

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