Erin Uritus

CEO of Out & Equal

Erin Uritus is the CEO of Out & Equal, the world’s premier organization working exclusively on LGBTQ workplace equality. Her professional experience includes work in change management and strategic communications consulting with Booz Allen Hamilton, where she served a variety of government clients as well as the firm’s global Board Diversity Initiative and co-leadership of GLOBE- the LGBTQ employee resource group (ERG).

Her work in the arena of large-scale transformational change includes launching a center for women journalists in Africa, international school development in the Middle and far East, and serving as one of the only expatriate Directors working directly for the Abu Dhabi government in support of its efforts to restructure during the 2007 global economic crash and subsequent “Arab Spring” revolutions. She is the co-author of a book about Change Management in government — published in both Arabic and English. Erin has a Masters in Organization Development (OD) from American University, and two Master’s certificates in Change Management and Performance Management from Johns Hopkins and Georgetown, respectively. She lives in Washington DC with her two beautiful children.