Ben Hindman

CEO, Splash

Ben Hindman, CEO, Splash

Ben Hindman is the CEO and co-founder of event marketing platform, Splash. Ben brings to life his vision of democratizing event marketing across an organization by giving people the tools to market and scale event programs that are branded, measurable, and compliant. Ben has an unstoppable passion for bringing people together through events. Before launching Splash, he led the national events program for Thrillist, crafting one-of-a-kind experiential programming to match the brand’s in-the-know digital reputation.

SESSION TITLE: 14 Questions to Answer Before Designing Your Next Event

WHEN: Thursday, January 14, 2021

Co-Founder and CEO of Splash Ben Hindman believes that as event strategists we need to be BOLD in order to attract the right audience to our virtual events, especially in our reality of saturated digital content. In this session Ben will walk you through the 14 audience-centric questions he always asks before even beginning to design events.


  • Equip yourself with the building blocks to connect with the audiences you’re trying to attract.
  • Create an invitation that makes your event stand out and gets audiences to pay attention.
  • Increase your attendance conversion rate and get people more engaged in your event.

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