Joshua Butler

COO of Falcon Events

Joshua Butler is an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. His first business, founded in 2004, is a nonprofit that continues to produce an annual film, music, and photography festival in Texas called Thin Line Fest. In 2005, Joshua produced, shot, and edited a feature-length documentary called “One-Eyed Girl,” about Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi. In 2011, Joshua took on a role at Freeman AV helping to execute hybrid events for some of the biggest associations and companies in the world, eventually becoming the product manager of Freeman’s OnlineEvent product family.

In December of 2019, Joshua left Freeman to again embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and founded Falcon Events with business partner and industry veteran, Bill Mott. The idea was to create a company focused exclusively on virtual and hybrid events—and from spring 2020 through all of 2021, Falcon Events delivered the streaming production for nearly 400 virtual events. Joshua is married to Denise, a respected child therapist, and together they have a daughter (Quinn), a son (Levi), and three miniature Australian Shepherds (Ryder, Paisley, and Paxton).