Anne-Laure Leuba

Specialty Congresses Team Manager, European Society of Cardiology

Kristin Metropoulos

Anne-Laure currently works as Specialty Congresses Team Manager for the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), an independent, non-profit organisation that represents more than 95,000 men and women in the field of cardiology from Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and far beyond.

She gained experience in Exhibition and Sales and is proficient in logistics management, sales, product development and innovation. Her knowledge of exhibition and planning was a steppingstone to moving up to congress manager with the full scope of the congress under her supervision. Her expertise in planning has been valuable in quickly identifying those congress venues that respond to the congress requirements.

In her current position as Specialty Congresses Team Manager, she is responsible for leading congress strategy development, operations, and teams to deliver up to 10 medical congresses annually with participation ranging from 300 to 6,500 worldwide.

Anne-Laure is also a volunteer for the AC Forum as Membership Sub Committee Member.