Social Media Toolkit

Convening Leaders 2022 is coming up fast, so to help us spread the word we’ve created a Social Media toolkit! Included are a few versions of our ‘Convening Leaders 2022’ logo, along with some basic social media suggestions. We’ve also included links that can help you get the information to friends and colleagues who you think would have a fantastic time at #PCMACL.

Follow @PCMAHQ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and PCMA on LinkedIn for CL22 updates and announcements.


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Come to #PCMACL 2022 on January 9–12 to explore a way forward and collaborate to build business event solutions! Network with me and #eventprofs as we ALL take the next step in our careers. Register today:

With the opportunity to embrace the change in order to thrive in the future, #PCMACL 2022 is the place to be. Join me on January 9–12:

Connecting people with purpose is what we do better than anyone else. Your audiences need you more than ever and #PCMACL 2022 will help you bring their renewed purpose back to life. Learn more and register to join me on January 9–12:

I'm Attending Convening Leaders 2022



Join me at #PCMACL 2022 and embrace the change in order to thrive in the future! This is our time. Register here:

I’m headed to #PCMACL 2022 on January 9–12! You can be part of an incredible opportunity: helping brands, communities and organizations connect people with purpose to ideas and opportunities after two years of being apart. Join me:

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Counting down the days until @pcmahq #PCMACL 22 in January! Join me.

Can’t wait for @pcmahq #PCMACL 22. Come experience the best in #businessevents!

Join me with thousands of other #eventprofs: Register now for @pcmahq #PCMACL 2022!

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