Mateo Salvatto

Head of Innovation, ORT Schools, CEO of Asteroid Technologies and Social Influencer

Mateo Salvatto

Mateo Salvatto is a 22-year-old tech entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he was 17, he achieved the “International Robotics Champion” title. A year later, he created his first company: Asteroid, whose first product, Háblalo, already assists more than 200,000 people with communication disabilities around the world, entirely for free.

Today, Mateo serves as Head of Innovation for ORT Schools, hosts a podcast on science and technology, published his first book, “The Battle of the Future,” and has grown into a well-recognized social influencer for inclusion, science, technology, and entrepreneurship throughout Latin America.

He was recognized as Humanitarian Innovator of the Year by MIT Technology Review, Best Social Innovator Worldwide by Peking University, and Outstanding Entrepreneur by the National Congress, among many other prestigious awards.

His company, Asteroid, was selected in 2020 as one of the Top 100 Startups Worldwide by the Global Entrepreneurship Network in Saudi Arabia.